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PocketBook Era - 7 inch e-reader with Carta 1200

PocketBook Era - 7 inch e-reader with Carta 1200

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PocketBook is proud to announce the long-awaited 7-inch PocketBook Era with the new generation E Ink Carta™ 1200 screen for a perfect comfort while reading and listening. The new PocketBook Era received a number of advanced features, such as a built-in speaker and audiobook support, Text-to-Speech function and Bluetooth, enhanced anti-scratch screen protection and IPX8 water resistance.

The model is performed in a completely redefined design, and impresses with its compactness. The new approach to the design and ergonomics of the device uses a side grip and control buttons on the side panel. Both make the e-reader even more convenient to hold with either the right or left hand.

The new PocketBook Era will be released in two versions with different colors and internal memory sizes: Sunset Copper with 64 GB of memory, and Stardust Silver with 16 GB of memory.

New generation E Ink Carta 1200 screen

PocketBook Era features the latest 7-inch E Ink Carta™ 1200 screen with a resolution of 1264 × 1680 and 300 DPI, which guarantees high contrast and sharpness of the e-page. The updated technology increases the contrast of the image by 15% and improves the response time of the touch screen by 20%. The 7-inch diagonal screen is the optimal size for reading at home or on-the-go – the device is still compact but, at the same time, displays more text on one page than a classic 6-inch e-reader. Thanks to the SMARTlight function, which allows you to adjust brightness and color temperature, you can enjoy eye-friendly reading in any lighting conditions.

New impressive design and ergonomics

PocketBook Era stands out with its ultra-modern design and ergonomic shape, creating a unique aesthetic new to reading gadgets. Thanks to the thin frame and stylish buttons, the device looks sleek and elegant. With the control buttons moved to the side panel and compact size, the device is easy to hold. The G-sensor automatically determines and changes the screen's orientation, making the PocketBook Era equally convenient for right and left-handed users. The model's dimensions of 134.3 × 155 × 7.8 mm make the device one of the most compact 7-inch e-readers available.

Advanced listening with built-in speaker, Bluetooth, Text-to-Speech

PocketBook Era supports 6 audiobook formats, and thanks to the built-in speaker, users can start listening simply by pressing Play on the e-reader's screen. At the same time, you can listen to books and music via wireless headphones, car audio systems, and other devices through Bluetooth. Another helpful feature for those who prefer listening to books is Text-to-Speech which turns any text into a natural-sounding voice audio track. Just two clicks and the device will read aloud any text file in one of the 26 available languages.

Protection from water and scratches

The screen features enhanced anti-scratch protection, which gives more confidence in the device’s safety, even in the most active use. Moreover, waterproof PocketBook Era is ideal gadget for reading in the bathroom or outdoors. The e-reader is protected from water according to the international standard IPX8, which means the device can be immersed into the fresh water to a depth of 2 meters, for up to 60 minutes without any harmful effects.

PocketBook Era also features:

  • Support for 29 formats - 19 book, 6 audio, 4 graphic formats.
  • Wi-Fi and branded Cloud services – make it simple to synchronize to other devices and manage the library.
  • 1700 mAh battery - up to one month of active reading without recharging.
  • Dual-core processor - provides fast app operation and smooth page-turning.
  • Pre-installed dictionaries - 22 language combinations.

These and other features will be available to users in two versions: PocketBook Era in Sunset Copper  color with 64 GB, and PocketBook Era in Stardust Silver color with 16 GB.

PocketBook Era – enter your new era of e-reading.

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