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Padmu 4 - Dual Screen Tablet Designed for Sheet Music

Padmu 4 - Dual Screen Tablet Designed for Sheet Music

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Double PadMu, double screen, but wireless

By purchasing two PadMu devices you can take advantage of two screens for reading and practising your music.
Two PadMu devices can always be connected with dual mode.

  • PadMu devices among all generations can be associated with each other.
  • In double mode you can browse your scores like a book and much more. There are different page turning modes to fit every musician’s need.

  • Protect the two PadMu with a resistant and elegant cover made by fine craftsmanship.

Frequently bought together

E-ink Mobius™ Tablet

13.3" with capacitive touch

1650 x 2200 resolution , 207 DPI for a better definition.
Read write and practice music in every situation Screen with frontlight

The most powerful ever

Best performances with 8-core 2GHZ Procssor, 6GB Ram

Almost unlimited storage for your scores: 128 internal storage

practically unlimited use of the device, thanks to a 6300mAh battery

Last generation connectivity

Pair you devices: Bluetooth 5.0
Always online with WiFi 802.11ac


Take it everywhere thanks to its lightness: 560 gr, 6,4 width

Green solution

to avoid paper waste

You'll never need to print paper again, with the almost unlimited storage and Dropbox, Gdrive integration
All your scores in just one place.

You won't miss paper

Thanks to the exclusive Wacom pen and integrated apps you can take handwritten notes and write directly on your scores.

Taylored apps

With our PadMu apps you have everything you need.

Our apps are constantly evolving to meet our users demand.

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