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Onyx Boox Replacement Stylus - White

Onyx Boox Replacement Stylus - White

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Purchase a replacement stylus in white. Onyx does not sell the white stylus anymore, but we have an ample supply.

This stylus is white and works with all Onyx Boox digital note taking devices. Such as the Max 3, Max Lumi, Onyx Boox Note 1, Onyx Boox Note 2, Onyx Boox Note 3, Onyx Boox Nova, Onyx Boox Nova Pro, Onyx Boox Nova 2, Onyx Boox Nova 3, Onyx Boox Note Air, Onyx Boox Max and Max Lumi.

The white stylus has completely undergone a radical new design. This one is fatter and  it is made of a high grade plastic with a layer of matte. This results in it being easier to grip. The nib is a little bit different too, when you press on the screen, it will retract slightly, responding to different levels of pressure. There is an eraser at the top, that can click down and make a little noise, like a real pen. You can also use it to delete elements on the screen, either when editing a PDF/EBOOK or with the note taking app.

This stylus is the same one Onyx used in the Max 3, for a limited time. They discontinued it shortly after release. The patent was picked up by iReader, you will be receiving an iReader Smart Pen, but it is exactly the same as the Onyx Pen, just the retail packaging is different.

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