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Lamy EMR Stylus for E-Notes

Lamy EMR Stylus for E-Notes

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  • Digital writing instrument made of anodised matt black aluminium, with metal clip and ergonomic plastic grip
  • With Wacom EMR (patent) technology, replaces standard STYLUS products (compatibility comparison via QR code possible)
  • Compatible with most mobile devices that support Wacom EMR technology, including Onyx Boox, Supernote, Boyue, Remarkable and others
  • With adjustable shortcut button, over 4,000 pressure levels, palm rejection (palm recognition) and completely without charging or batteries
  • The contact tips (0.7 mm) are interchangeable, there are 2 replacement tips and tweezers for replacement.

The LAMY Al-Star EMS stylus offers perfect ergonomics and the feeling of a natural writing experience. With its exchangeable nibs and more than 4,000 pressure levels, it is suitable for composing long texts as well as for making complex sketches and drawings. Thus it combines the advantages of writing manually with the unlimited possibilities of digital processing.

The design of this digital input pen for tablets, smartphones and notebooks is based on the LAMY AL-star rollerball pen. Endowed with Wacom’s patented EMR technology, the LAMY AL-star black EMR doesn’t need a cord or battery to function, and never needs to be charged.

  • More than 4,000 pressure levels
  • Palm rejection
  • Wireless, battery-free operation
  • Ergonomic plastic grip
  • 0.7 mm nibs, exchangeable
  • Matt black anodized aluminum
  • Metal clip
  • Includes 2 replacement nibs and tweezers to aid replacement

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