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Amazon Kindle Kids e-reader 2022

Amazon Kindle Kids e-reader 2022

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Grow their love of reading

Kindle Kids is the most affordable Kindle for kids in the lineup. Designed for reading—no apps, videos, or games. The bundle includes a Kindle (2022 release), with a black and white 300 ppi high-resolution glare-free display, 1 year of Amazon Kids+, a kid-friendly cover, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee—up to a $209 value.

Kids read more than an hour a day on average when they sit down with their Kindle

Kindle Kids opens up a world of possibilities. Lightweight and compact, kids can take their library everywhere. The glare-free display reads like real paper. With the included Amazon Kids+ subscription, kids get unlimited access to thousands of titles to discover their favorites, and fall in love with reading.

A library full of kid-friendly content

Enjoy 1 year of Amazon Kids+ (included). From timeless reads like The Chronicles of Narnia and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, to popular series like Harry Potter and Big Nate, get unlimited access to a library of curated content for kids of all ages, thousands of books, and hundreds of audiobooks. With an extensive library of age-appropriate books included, kids are empowered to discover new titles, authors, and read for longer. Learn how to add additional books to your child's profile.

Encourage their progress

Set reading goals and manage content with easy-to-use parental controls. With the Parent Dashboard, you can adjust age filters, add books to your kid's library, view reading progress, and set a bedtime for each child profile.

Tools for learning

Vocabulary Builder and Word Wise are included to help young readers build their reading skills and tackle more challenging books. Kindle Kids also offers OpenDyslexic, a font preferred by some readers with dyslexia.

Reading time, anytime

Peace of mind

2-year worry-free guarantee: If it breaks, return it and we’ll replace it for free. Find out more.

We’ve also included a cover made to last, with magnets that close the cover securely and a durable exterior that protects it from scratches. Just like a book, it opens and closes to wake Kindle Kids or put it to sleep, and it is available in a range of kid-friendly designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is the Parent Dashboard?

Parent Dashboard allows parents to get the most out of Kindle Kids. You can adjust age filters, add books to your child's library, view your child's reading progress, and more.

2: What books are available in Amazon Kids+?

Amazon Kids+ includes the complete Harry Potter series, and the first book from other popular series such as Artemis Fowl. We are always adding more content to the Amazon Kids+ library, including these top titles and recently added books. Kids can explore the catalog by searching for specific titles and authors, or browse by themes such as Popular Books, New Books, and more.

3: How can I access even more Books?

Amazon Kids+ provides access to books over a range of reading levels, and automatically filters out what your child sees based on their age. To see a wider selection of titles, go to Parent Dashboard to adjust the age filter in your child's profile setting. Parents can also purchase additional titles from the Kindle Store, and add them to their child's profile via Parent Dashboard.

4: How is Kindle Kids different from a tablet?

Kindle Kids is purpose built for reading, with a black & white glare-free display and up to 6 weeks of battery life. It performs differently than a tablet, because it's geared for reading books – no apps, no videos, no games, no distractions.

5: Will my kid see Ads while using this device?

Kindle Kids is automatically set up for your kid to enjoy an ad-free experience. However if you exit Amazon Kids using a passcode, sponsored screensavers will be displayed on the device's lockscreen. Learn More About Ads On Kindle and Fire Tablet.

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