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Fujitsu Quaderno Lamy Stylus Pen

Fujitsu Quaderno Lamy Stylus Pen

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A digital pen in collaboration with the popular German writing instrument brand “LAMY”. It was designed for Fujitsu Quaderno A5 and Fujitsu A4 2nd generation.
The stylish appearance, graphite color that matches Quaderno, and well-thought-out form make it easy to hold and write.
Stored in a luxurious collaboration box. The attached core removal is also a special specification with the LAMY logo.

Lamy has created a new pen that is only compatible with the Fujitsu Quaderno A4 and A5 2nd generation. The color scheme of the pen is silver, it has a gunmetal sheen.  With a design that fits comfortably in your hand the moment you grip it, you can write comfortably. Also. It's lighter than it looks (24g), so you won't have to worry about writing for a long time. Side buttons are located on the pen axis. Five types of functions such as eraser, range selection, and enlargement can be assigned. It is easy to push with your index finger or thumb, and you can push it without changing hands. It is stored in a black and luxurious collaboration box. The included core remover is also a special specification with the LAMY logo.

The model number for this pen is FMVSP3.

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