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TCL 40 Nxtpaper Smartphone Android 13 + Google Play 4G

TCL 40 Nxtpaper Smartphone Android 13 + Google Play 4G

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Redefining your visual experience.

Experience the novelty of the latest innovation-driven NXTPAPER visual technology.

With FHD+ thrilling clarity, you will enjoy visuals bursting to life on the expansive 6.78" screen with a 90Hz silky-smoothness

Ultimate comfort.
Paper sensation.

Innovatively designed, built-in multiple layers bring exciting benefits by providing versatile eye protection features.

Paper-like touch

Anti-fingermark screen texture with a matte finish enhances a paper-like tactile experience.

Low blue light

Intelligently reducing harmful blue light at the hardware-level without leaving any unpleasant yellowing, yet retaining a natural color tonality.


The screen, certified for reflection-free viewing, is always bright enough, clear, and gentle on the eyes while viewing outdoors and on the go.

The sound you love to hear.

Enhanced immersion with 3D Boom Sound

Indulge in true immersion with a DTS surround effect system giving harmonious sound vibes for your desired enjoymen

Hit 200% loudness with Sound Booster

Take calls on clear and sound-blasting speakers, and effortlessly listen to audiobooks and TV shows while doing home chores or exercises.

32MP flagship-level selfies.

Ultra-high resolution

Snap every selfie looking bright and crisp with colors so enriched you want to share them immediately.

Power up in no time.

Supporting your all-day high-performing routines and online entertainment on a single charge

33W Ultra-fast charging

50% charge in 30  minutes


Powerful battery

Solid memory for everything you do.

8GB + 8GB RAM Expansion

The virtual 8GB RAM provides an extra boost to smoothly run all your favorite apps simultaneously on the Android™ 13, ensuring lag-free streaming or web browsing

Massive 256GB memory

With the capacity to hold 110+ movies or 55,000 photos, you will never need to sacrifice what you want to store.

Boosted visual performance with NXTURBO.

Instantly increase in image rendering by up to 30%, bringing a more seamless visual experience while playing resource-heavy games, and diving through social media threads and video channels.

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