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Gen 1- Fujitsu Quaderno A4/A5 Add Android - Service

Gen 1- Fujitsu Quaderno A4/A5 Add Android - Service

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Unlock your Fujitsu Quaderno A5 and Fujitsu Quaderno A4 with Google Android 5.1. You get full access to downloading and installing applications, without losing any of the Fujitsu functionality.

Introducing the Good e-Reader Fujitsu Quaderno ANDROID Unlock Service. The Quaderno A4 and Quaderno A5 both run Google Android as the primary operating system. This unlock system provides a new menu entry with the ability to download and install apps! You can then download any free or paid app and install it on the Quaderno.

All you need to do to is add this when you buy a new QUADERNO item and then we will install the software. This cannot be done remotely.

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