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Clip-on Light for Supernote, Remarkable 2, Sony Digital Paper

Clip-on Light for Supernote, Remarkable 2, Sony Digital Paper

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Book light for great reading time

You may know, but we are dedicated to redefine the booklight.We redefine the neck book light and then redefine the traditional reading light.Then we’ve redefined the clip-on reading light.Now we have redefined a small portable book light.

Compared to other portable book lights, there are many improvements: more color temperature modes, more brightness levels, larger battery capacity for longer reading times, novel compact design with power indicator.

Here is an official introduction to new products.This is a glossy portable and rechargeable book light with the following features:

  • Amber mode to protect eyes
  • 3 x 5 lighting modes
  • Rechargeable and long lasting
  • Flexible & Compact
  • Lightweight & Portable

Amber mode to protect your eyes

reading light

Book Light

Book Light

Book Light

Bulb Color Reading Mode (1800K)

It emits an amber light (1,800 K) for your reading. It can filter the blue light and protect people’s eyes. The amber light can relax people’s body and mind, and promote people’s sleep.

Warm White Reading Mode (3400K)

It emits a calm, sweet light (3400K) for night reading and provides a sense of pleasure and comfort of reading

Cool White Reading Mode (6000K)

It emits natural light (6000K) for reading. It provides focused lighting that highlights the area where the book is pointing to it. It helps you focus and pay attention to details.

Book Light

Book Light

Book Light

Rechargeable and long working time

Standard USB rechargeable when fully charged, 4 charging indicators will turn blue. 80 hours working time with low brightness levels

Adjustable angle and compact

90 degree flexibility to bend left/right, 45 degree flexible clamp to bend down and 150 degree open between the light body, no noise when bending, compact and foldable design that does not disturb your partner nearby and moving the light

Lightweight & Portable

Only 40g ,Mini size design is lighter than other book lights,easy to carry,not hard to clip on thin page paper books. No space to fit in your pocket

Book Light
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