XP-PEN Artist 12 Pro
XP-PEN Artist 12 Pro
XP-PEN Artist 12 Pro
XP-PEN Artist 12 Pro
XP-PEN Artist 12 Pro

XP-PEN Artist 12 Pro

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  • 【Scientific Design】 11.6 inch fully-laminated IPS display with a 178-degree viewing angle and 1920×1080 HD display paired with 72% NTSC (100%SRGB) Color Gamut, presenting. With virtually no parallax, your cursor appears exactly where you want it, offering a real paper-like feel drawing experience. 3-in-1 cable design, no need to use any adapter and it quickly connects to your computer, easy to begin your creative journey.
  • 【±60° Tilt Support】The XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro supports up to 60 degrees of tilt function, easily find out a best vision viewing angle to reduce your neck, shoulder and back tension.
  • 【Red Dial and 8 Customizable Shortcut Keys】A sleek Red Dial interface to make your workflow as smooth as possible. The dial fits comfortably in your hand and can be programmed for more customization options. Features 8 fully customizable shortcut keys and puts more customization options at your fingertips. Letting you capture and express your ideas faster and more easily.
  • 【Battery-free Stylus Pen & 8192 Levels Pen Pressure】 Newly Design Battery-free Stylus P2A Pen equipped with finer pen nibs, with up 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity for more natural, smoother and more precise positioning and superior line performance. And the pen holder come with 8 replacement pen nibs.
  • 【High Compatibility】 XP-PEN Artist 12 supports Windows 10/8/7(32/64bit), MAC OS 10.10 and higher. Compatible with popular digital art software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, SAI, CDR, Painter, SketchBook Pro, MediBang, Clip Studio and more.

Artist Display 12

Free Your Creation

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Small display screen, great creative freedom.

A super-portable screen with an 11.6 Inch display area, conveniently placed on your tabletop or anywhere as you like to simplify your work space.


Easy access.

The Artist 12 features 6 handy shortcut keys with a slim touch pad. Each shortcut key can be customized as needed to fit you preferred tool while your touch bar can be programmed to zoom in and out on your canvas, scroll up and down, and more. These customization options allow you to optimize your workflow , to create your ideas faster and more efficiently.

Touch Bar


Stunning visuals.

1920x1080 HD display resolution paired with 72% NTSC Color Gamut and 178° viewing angle, presenting vivid image, vibrant colors and extreme detail for a stunning visual of your artwork.

1920x1080 HD display

72% NTSC Color Gamut


Advanced P06 passive pen for a traditional pencil-like feel!

Latest battery-free P06 stylus, featuring a unique hexagonal design, non-slip & tack-free flexible glue grip, partial transparent pen tip, and an eraser at the end! Delivering technical sense, high efficiency, with a fashionable and comfortable grip!

Note: The digital eraser only compatible with some major software, please refer to "Specification" part for more information.

digital eraser

partially transparent pen tip

right mouse click


Enhancing performance.

Capable of reaching 8192-levels of pressure sensitivity, providing you with precise accuracy to draw and paint naturally with smooth, enhanced, performance.

8192 Levels


Thoughtfully Designed.

The anti-reflective coating greatly reduces glare for eyes protection. Making your screen look clear and beautiful, even if it’s bright out.

Anti-reflective coating


Smart connection.

Convenient 3-in-1 design, easy to connect for convenience and efficiency.


Multi-function Pen Holder.

Our pen holder is included to keep your pen and pen nibs safe. It can be used as a pen stand or a pen holder as needed.


Diversify creative experience.

Enjoy creating directly on Artist 12's HD IPS display. It's ideal for drawing, photography, animation, fashion, architecture design and more!


Versatility and Compatibility.

Supports Windows® 10/8/7(32/64bit), Linux (Detailed versions), MAC OS X® 10.10 and higher. Compatible with popular digital art software such as Adobe® Photoshop®, Illustrator®, SAI®, CDR®, and more.

 XP-Pen Artist 12 anime drawing tablet Specification

Getting started with your
XP-Pen Artist display

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