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Tolino Epos e-Reader

Tolino Epos e-Reader

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  • NEW: Maximum reading enjoyment on a 7.8 inch Display
  • Water Protection by HZO — perfectly protected against water
  • Reading light with smartLight – adjustment of the color temperature of integrated reading light
  • 300 ppi E Ink Carta display for pin-sharp typeface
  • For all your favorite books – storage holds up to 6,000 eBooks
  • Useful functions: font settings, dictionary, notes and more
  • Up to 4 weeks of battery duration

7.8“ eReader display: Off to new dimensions!

Discover reading at its finest on a new 7.8 inch display! The new tolino epos boasts a significantly larger display, which gives you more space to read. In comparison to common 6“ eBook Readers the display of the tolino epos has a reading area, which is 69 % larger. This way you can enjoy more words on one page even when using a larger font size. Graphic novel fans and readers of large formatted literature are not forgotten. Thanks to the pin-sharp E ink Carta HD display of the tolino epos you can now find what your heart desires. Passionately crafted for readers the tolino epos 1872 x 1404 high-resolution display with 300 ppi provides a print-on-paper like typeface.

Relaxing, reading and taking a bath

Prepared for all worst case scenarios – with the tolino epos you will enjoy a relaxed reading time out when taking a bath with your new, favorite eBook. The tolino epos is protected against water from the inside and can even handle a quick dip in the water. That means, that the tolino epos can be 1 meter deep in freshwater for up to 30 minutes – of course you may continue your favorite eBook right after that happens! Escape your daily routine while also having the best of two worlds – exciting book treasures in addition to the comfort of an eBook Reader.

smartLight: the best light during the day and at night

The one and only smartLight ensures perfect lighting at all times on your tolino epos. The clever colour adjustment of the integrated reading light adapts automatically and changes in accordance to natural daylight – switching from cool light in the morning to warm light in the evening. This way your natural biorhythm will not get messed up and you can enjoy relaxed reading during the day and at night. Of course you can individually adjust smartLight according to your preferences, whether you want cool or warm light. The tolino epos and its smartLight feature ensure a more harmonious eReading experience on a day-to-day basis.

Pin sharp 300 ppi E Ink Carta™ display

Thanks to its next-generation display, the tolino epos offers you an even higher resolution and higher contrast screen with less flickering when turning pages. Gentle to your eyes and glare-free even in bright sunlight, the 300 ppi E Ink Carta™ display on the new tolino epos delivers perfect reading pleasure. Pin-sharp, paper-like display of even small fonts, combined with the benefits of digital reading! A wide range of useful functions make your every reading break easier. And when it gets dark: simply turn on the integrated reading light, set it to your preferred brightness, and keep reading.


Absolute freedom – buy eBooks wherever you want

tolino stands for a free choice at anytime. Choose from which book seller you want to buy your eBooks. Enjoy a complete variety of offers from all available tolino bookstores and never miss great deals. Upload already purchased ePUB and PDF eBooks comfortably onto your tolino epos – tolino offers especially handy functions for this matter with the tolino cloud synchronization and the unique tolino library link.

Space for up to 6,000 books

Over 2 million eBooks are waiting to be read by you – browse around the clock in the online stores of the tolino booksellers and download interesting new books onto your eBook Reader at all times. For your personal reading treasures there is now even more storage available on your tolino epos. Thanks to the increased storage of 8 GB, 6 GB of which are available for your books, you can have up to 6,000 eBooks on your tolino epos and have them at handy flexibly throughout your day and when traveling.

Several weeks of pure reading joy - perfect for your vacation

Thanks to a battery duration of several weeks you should try to remember where you stow away your charger, as you will easily forget about it, given that you will not be needing it a lot. The tolino epos consumes very little power and you will be able to enjoy your whole vacation without a power plug!

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