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Sony PRS-T2 - E-Reader Wi-Fi Model

Sony PRS-T2 - E-Reader Wi-Fi Model

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Purchase this retro e-reader today! It comes factory sealed and has never been used. Worldwide shipping.

The Sony PRS-T2 features a six inch e-Ink Pearl display with a resolution of 800×600 pixels.  You get the standard 16 levels of greyscale and everything from books to photos look clean and crisp. There is 2 GB of internal memory and you can easily expand it up to 32 GB via the MicroSD. The Reader has five buttons on the front, with icons that look just like Android keys — there's Home, Back, and Menu, all of which are fairly self-explanatory. This is really the only major design change on the new model: the buttons used to be above their corresponding icons, but now icon and button are combined for a much sleeker look. To the left of those three keys are two buttons for flipping pages back and forward.

This is a new, factory sealed model.

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