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Sony DPT-RP1/CP1 Add Android & Google Play - Service

Sony DPT-RP1/CP1 Add Android & Google Play - Service

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Unlock your Sony Digital PAper DPT-RP1 or DPT-CP1 Digital Paper today with Google Android 5.1, you get the full Google Play experience, in addition to the stock Digital Paper experience.

Introducing the Good e-Reader Sony Digital Paper Google Play Service. Many people do not know that both the DPT-RP1 and DPT-CP1 are running Android. We provide a service where you can unlock your device and get a new menu option called apps, there is where Google Play and all of your apps are located. Your Digital Paper, performs normally.

All you need to do to get started is purchase this add-on pack and we also need your serial number of your device. Once these two things are completed, you will receive an unlock firmware for your DPT.

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