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Pocketbook Verse Pro e-reader with page-turn buttons

Pocketbook Verse Pro e-reader with page-turn buttons

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PocketBook Verse Pro: the bright e-reading star with premium features

Book-like experience for reading pleasure

PocketBook Verse Pro features a 6-inch E Ink Carta™ screen with an HD resolution of 1072 × 1448 and 300 PPI. You may indulge in e-reading without worrying about eye-strain: the device has the optical characteristics as close to those of a printed page as it’s possible for a gadget. The E Ink display does not glare in sunlight, making it ideal for outdoor reading, while the clarity of the page and perfectly crisp text promise that you will get a real pleasure of e-reading. And what is always worth mentioning: the energy efficient E Ink technology ensures up to one month of reading on a single battery charge.

SMARTlight technology and dark-mode

Two more features that notably contribute to reading comfort are SMARTlight and dark-mode. In the manual mode, the SMARTlight allows you to set brightness and chose warm or cool tone for the screen, and save your settings for easy switching in the future. While in automatic mode, the SMARTlight will adjust the brightness and color temperature according to the time of a day. The Dark Mode enhances the reading experience in poor lighting, making the background dark and the text white, which may help to reduce the eye-strain.

Text-to-Speech and Audiobooks

The PocketBook Verse Pro supports the Text-to-Speech function, which can transform any text file into an audio track, voicing it in one of 26 available languages. Switch from reading a book to listening to it anytime: just two clicks and the e-reader will start to read aloud, while you are doing your daily routine. The natural sounding voices available with Text-to-Speech guarantee that your book does not lose any detail or emphasis.

The device also offers support for 6 popular audio formats, which makes it a great choice for listening to audiobooks. With Bluetooth technology, the e-reader easily connects to wireless headphones or car audio systems, ensuring uninterrupted listening pleasure.

IPX8 water protection for reading with no limits

Designed to withstand water damage, the PocketBook Verse Pro meets the IPX8 standard. It means that the e-reader may be immersed into fresh water up to 2 meters deep for up to 60 minutes without any harmful effects. Whether you are reading in the bath or near the pool, you can dive into your favorite book without any concerns about water exposure.

Attractive design and compactness

The PocketBook Verse Pro is perfectly compact, has stylish look and well-though out ergonomics. In attractive Azure or Passion Red colors, the e-reader stands out from the crowd and exudes a premium aesthetic. Navigating through pages is a breeze, with the choice of either the touchscreen or the convenient mechanical buttons located at the bottom. Its compact size of only 108 × 156 × 7.6 mm, and ergonomic design ensure comfortable reading anywhere, holding the device with one hand.

25 formats, a month of reading without recharging, and other Verse Pro features

  • All popular formats without conversion: the e-reader supports 25 formats, including all the most common: ACSM, AZW, AZW3, CBR, DJVU, DOC, EPUB, FB2, MOBI, PDF, TXT, JPEG, PNG, TIFF;
  • Adobe DRM support: borrow books from online libraries thanks to Adobe DRM technology;
  • Support for 6 audio formats: MP3,, OGG,, M4A, M4B;
  • Up to a month of work on a single charge: incredible energy efficiency makes Verse Pro an ideal gadget for both everyday reading and travel;
  • PocketBook Cloud service and Wi-Fi: for convenient shopping, synchronization, and library management;
  • 16 GB of internal storage: enough space for an impressive library;
  • Automatic screen rotation: change the screen’s orientation for even better reading comfort;
  • Pre-installed dictionaries: 11 language combinations and 42 combinations available for download for free;
  • Lightness and compactness: the weight of the device is only 186 g.
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