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Pocketbook InkPad X Pro

Pocketbook InkPad X Pro

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PocketBook InkPad X Pro: excellent note-taking and reading experience on a big 10.3” screen

PocketBook is thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated e-note and reading device – PocketBook InkPad X Pro. The latest e-note powered by Android™ boasts a stunning 10.3-inch E Ink Mobius™ screen, supports handwriting, and comes with a Wacom stylus. The device also supports audio formats has Bluetooth® and adjustable SMARTlight feature.

Meet PocketBook InkPad X Pro e-note and e-reader with a protective cover in a retail set this spring!

Read, study & work more effectively with the handwriting feature

PocketBook InkPad X Pro takes the experience of interacting with digital content to the next level! With the Wacom stylus, users can take precise handwritten margin notes while reading or write in a separate application. You no longer need to spend extra time to make a note in the text or save an idea – just take a stylus and write everything down conveniently without breaking away from reading.

All your notes will be saved in PDF or PNG format and can be uploaded to the Cloud to transfer to any other device.

The handwriting feature is a real find for avid readers, students, and anyone who works with texts. With InkPad X Pro, you can significantly improve your productivity, as notes can be taken faster and more efficiently than typing on a keyboard or writing in a paper notepad.

Big and eye-friendly screen perfect for reading

PocketBook InkPad X Pro features a 10.3-inch screen E Ink Mobius™ with 1404 × 1872 resolution and 227 PPI. Such a large and eye-safe display provides unprecedented comfort for reading any content: ordinary fiction and non-fiction books, professional and business literature, textbooks and periodicals. Users can effortlessly adjust the text size to suit their needs: the 10.3-inch screen can display a considerable amount of text, even when the font size is increased. And thanks to E Ink technology, the e-note’s screen is eye-friendly and glare-free to enjoy conscious and safe reading anytime and anywhere.

Android-powered e-note

PocketBook InkPad X Pro is running on the Android platform to give users extra freedom to use third-party apps. From now on, users can install a variety of mobile applications for reading or handwriting on the device, allowing them to customise their user experience according to their preferences.

Enjoy audiobooks and music

You can use the device not only for handwriting or reading but also for listening to audiobooks! Enjoy any audio files in MP3 and WAV formats by connecting the e-note to wireless headphones or speakers via Bluetooth.

Extra reading comfort with SMARTlight

The SMARTlight feature ensures safe reading in any lighting conditions. With the adaptive frontlight, users can adjust both the brightness and color temperature of the screen, choosing between warm or cool tones to make their reading experience even better.  

Other remarkable PocketBook InkPad X Pro features:

  • Quad Core processor and 2 GB RAM for smooth reading and workflow process;
  • 32 GB of built-in memory: enough space for an extensive library, all notes, and records;
  • Support for 18 book and graphic formats: AZW, AZW3, DOC, DOCX, EPUB, FB2, FB2.ZIP, HTM, HTML, MOBI, PDF, PRC, RTF, TXT, PNG, BMP, JPG, JPEG;
  • The device is powered by Android 8.1 OS;
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB type C socket;
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