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Mudita Moment E INK Smartwatch

Mudita Moment E INK Smartwatch

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An automatic watch that promotes well-being. Minimalist, modern design. Self-winding, battery-free mechanism. Carefully selected components. An additional analog breathing feature – an amazingly simple, yet powerful tool to help you restore your tranquility.

A minimalist, automatic watch.

Modern design. Battery-free mechanism. With an additional analog breathing feature, as a unique tool and reminder, to restore your tranquility.

Harnessing the power of tranquility in 15 dots

We love amazingly simple, yet brilliant design solutions that add that ZEN Rebel character to our products. This is why we couldn’t resist using the seconds hand of the watch to encourage you to perform simple, yet powerful breathing exercises. Conscious breathing is an important part of living a more mindful life, being more relaxed, calm, and focused


We admire the power of simple design, inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese culture and ZEN aesthetics. That’s why we wanted Mudita Moment to embody minimalism, simplicity, and neutrality. We didn’t want the watch to be overwhelming, but to highlight neutral elegance and tranquility.

Minimalist dial and form

Simplicity and neutrality can have many shapes and forms. We achieved the minimalist look of Mudita Moment thanks to a slightly rounded case with a simplified dial. It enables the watch to softly blend in as an accessory, but is still a practical tool and mindful reminder.


A calming tempo

The dial is designed to convey a sense of calm. The gentle, seamless motion of the seconds hand acts as a metaphor for the flow of life and the continuous passage of time. It not only creates a sense of tranquility, but also enables you to practice breathing exercises anytime, anywhere.


Unisex approach

Measuring 38 mm in diameter and with a case thickness of 10.8 mm, the Mudita Moment is optimally sized, proving suitable for most wrists. The watch case looks elegant, discreet, and readily slips beneath the cuff of a shirt or blouse. Perfect fit for everyone, on any occasion.


Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

A see-through caseback enables you to look at the rotor - the heart of the self-winding mechanism. We decided to engrave a simple, yet powerful message there - Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. This mindful quote is a reminder that regular practice and consistency are the keys to establishing healthy habits like deep breathing.


One of a kind

Every single watch has a unique serial number, which makes your Mudita Moment distinct. It will be visible on the back of your watch. There will be a limited number of these distinct timepieces in every series. Only 10,000 watches of each design will be available. One of them can be yours!


No-logo on the dial

Neutrality and lightness translate into an understated elegance, which can only be achieved with minimalist design and without visible logo placement. You will only find discrete logos on the back of the Mudita Moment, at the very heart of the mechanism, and on the strap buckle. We believe this is enough to remind you to pause and enjoy the moment. If you prefer subtle branding then Mudita Moment will be a perfect match for you.



Vegan, interchangeable one-click straps

Neutral colors and designs make Mudita Moment perfect for everyone. Every style is kept in a simple design to achieve a minimalist look with all color combinations. This watch is discrete, yet elegant. It underlines the beauty of simplicity and neutrality.

Vegan straps

No animals have been harmed during the production of the Mudita Moment. This was a commitment we made from the outset of the project and it is part of our cruelty-free ethos. We strongly believe that being more mindful also means connecting with nature through everyday products that we use.


Pleasant to the touch

Lightness goes together with softness and comfort. Natural materials used in the straps ensure they will quickly adjust to your wrist, while still being durable. The straps also feel very pleasant to the touch. They are very comfortable and enable you to wear Mudita Moment every day without irritating your skin. We do recommend changing straps every six months for hygienic reasons.


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