Mudita Bell Alarm Clock
Mudita Bell Alarm Clock
Mudita Bell Alarm Clock
Mudita Bell Alarm Clock

Mudita Bell Alarm Clock

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A minimalist alarm clock, built to embody simplicity and offline tranquility. Pleasant analogue feel, beautiful design and high-quality alarm sounds for a gentle and stress-free wake-up. Unplug and embrace each day with Mudita Bell.

Benefit from simplicity
As an offline device with a quartz mechanism, Mudita Bell offers the comforting feeling of being unplugged, without constant notification or excessive distractions. Without blue light-emitting screens or overwhelming amounts of online stimuli, Mudita Bell can help improve the quality of our sleep, as well as overall well-being, simply by turning our bedrooms into tranquil offline spaces.

Acoustic tones and nature sounds for a better start to your day

Rising in the morning does not have to be filled and associated with stress. With Mudita Bell, you’ll wake up refreshed to carefully crafted acoustic music or the beautiful sounds of nature, designed to gently wake you up and energize you for the upcoming day.

​Let the soothing & acoustic sounds be the first thing you hear

As with our Mudita Pure, we also used sounds and melodies recorded acoustically by our dear friend, a Canadian musician, Nick Lewis. He used a variety of instruments including a guitar, ukulele, Tibetan bowls, koshi bells. We also added pleasant melodies designed for a peaceful wake-up.

Experience the sounds

Melodic Mirth

Wake up to the sounds of nature

Mudita Bell also features a collection of nature sounds, prepared by a famous Polish nature sound artist, Marcin Dymiter. The collection of sounds features audio landscapes from Mudita's country of origin, Poland.

Experience the sounds

Bubbling Brook

Full experience of audio thanks to a high-quality speaker and customizable settings

To make our custom sounds and melodies sound pleasant to your ear, we’ve made sure Mudita Bell’s hardware is of high-quality and the customizable functions allow you to adjust them to your preferences.

High-quality speaker

The 3W speaker, allows you to fully experience the carefully composed melodies and sounds. Mudita Bell’s sound is clear, natural, and undistorted.

Adjustable alarm volume

Whether you consider yourself a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper, it is possible to adjust the volume of the alarm to meet your needs.

Choose your wake-up melody

You’ll be able to choose from 10 different wake-up melodies which is unusual for a classic, analog alarm clock.

Functional minimalism to fit every bedroom

Our design’s goal was to allow you to replace your phone in the bedroom, with the natural joy of using a simple and intentionally built single-purpose device. Mudita Bell is our take on a present-day classic.

Elegant, classic design with an easy-to-read clock face

Three clock hands to indicate the time and the wake-up time, easily adjusted with knobs in the back.

Rotating knob for easy configuration

Mudita Bell honors the classic design of an alarm clock through its main button at the top, used to turn the alarm on and off and give clear information on whether your alarm will ring or not. By rotating the knob, you can easily adjust the light, volume, and tone of your favorite wake-up alarm.

Subtle backlight with minimized blue light

In order to make the face of the clock readable at night, but not to disturb your sleep, we have equipped Mudita Bell with a soft backlight (2700 K). Additionally, the intensity of the light is adjustable. A short press on a dedicated light button allows you to easily light up the clock face for a few seconds, while a longer press keeps the light on, creating a calming atmosphere in your bedroom.

Rechargeable battery

Mudita Bell is equipped with a long-lasting, rechargeable 2600 mAh battery that doesn’t require frequent charging and is intended to last a long time. You can sleep soundly, knowing you're protecting the environment by limiting the amount of electronic waste.

Extra aid to get your eyes open

Soft light-enhanced alarm to help you start a new day even more naturally

Your body is created to naturally wake up with the sunrise. Mudita Bell lights up gradually at the alarm time with a warm light in order to make waking up in the morning easier and more pleasant.


Ascending alarm for gradual wake-up

The progressive alarm begins to sound soothingly and then grows increasingly louder to the set volume to slowly wake you up.

Snooze option if you need that extra time in bed

We know that many people can’t imagine their wake-up routine without the snooze function. That's why we decided to add it and let you decide what’s best for you. If you like sleeping in a bit longer, you can mute the alarm and sleep for another 10 minutes.

Unplug yourself for total serenity

Replace a smartphone with an alarm clock that gently wakes you up with pleasant sounds of acoustic instruments and nature. Get your Mudita Bell today!

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