Livescribe 2 GB Pulse Smartpen
Livescribe 2 GB Pulse Smartpen
Livescribe 2 GB Pulse Smartpen

Livescribe 2 GB Pulse Smartpen

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Easy Access to Your Audio & Notes

Ideal for meetings, conferences, or classes, this compact and light productivity tool is as easy to carry as traditional pen-and-paper, but smarter. Replay your audio recordings any time, anywhere, with a quick tap on your notes or drawings.

2GB of Memory: Room to Store Recordings, Notes, and Applications

Whether you're digitizing your notes and audio, or adding additional smartpen apps you'll need storage space; with 2GB of memory, your smartpen has plenty to get going right out of the box. An 2GB smartpen can hold over 200 hours of audio*, thousands of pages of notes, or dozens of applications.

Save, Organize, and Search

Using the free Livescribe™ Desktop software, you can easily upload, save and play back your interactive notes and audio recordings from your PC or Mac. Use the search window to find specific words or phrases — Livescribe Desktop will highlight every place you wrote them in your notes. You can also organize your digital notes simply by dragging and dropping pages in to custom notebooks, or export them into other applications like Evernote®.

The Livescribe Pulse smartpen A variety of smartpen apps to choose from.

Send and Share Your Notes Easily

Share your notes or recordings publically or privately as a PDF, audio file, or a pencast. Send them with email, embed them in a webpage, or post them directly on Facebook. You can also access pencasts on your other mobile devices through the Livescribe Community or with our free Pencast Player app.

Included Smartpen Applications

Your Pulse smartpen comes loaded with applications ready to work right out of the box:

  • Nav Plus: a 5-way navigation and menu system for scrolling through menu options
  • Quick Record: record audio without using dot paper with just a press of a button
  • Quick Calc: Write an addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problem on dot paper and get the answer on your smartpen screen
  • Launch Line: launch your favorite app by writing it's name
  • Password: protect your recorded paper replay sessions with a 4-digit number
  • Smartpen Name: personalize your smartpen and set it apart from other smartpens
  • System Utilities: multiple language support, time, date, storage info, and battery charge

Customize Your Smartpen with More Apps

The possibilities for expanding your smartpen's functionality are endless with a variety of free and paid applications.

Enhance your productivity and learning with the American Heritage® English Dictionary or the American Heritage® Spanish Dictionary. Transcribe your handwritten notes into editable text by adding the MyScript for Livescribe app. Learn travel phrases in a foreign language. Get help studying geometry, organic chemistry, or guitar chords. Play games like Blackjack, Hangman, or Sudoku.

Dot paper at work: like a GPS for your smartpen.

Livescribe Dot Paper

Livescribe dot paper uses regular paper printed with a unique pattern of tiny microdots. This tiny pattern works a lot like a GPS system for your smartpen. It allows a smartpen to capture everything it writes or draws on dot paper.

Livescribe smartpens only work with Livescribe Dot Paper, so we've created a variety of dot paper sizes and types: College-ruled Notebooks, Lined Journals, Blank Journals, Mini Journals, A5-sized Notebooks, Flip Notepads, and Sticky Notes. You can even print your own dot paper for free from within Livescribe Desktop on many printers.

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