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Kaite 2S 13.3 White 2022 GRID Layout

Kaite 2S 13.3 White 2022 GRID Layout

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  • This product is equipped with a new dedicated pen that pursues fine writing
  • Features: Zero consumables so you can use it over and over again. Adopts newly developed high contrast sheets. Kaite II S (Kite 2S) magnetic memo pad that writes like paper
  • Standards: A4 square; External dimensions: H 11.6 x W 8.3 x D 0.1 inches (297 x 211 x 3 mm); Set contents: Main unit, fine pen (with pen cap), dedicated eraser (1 each)
  • Writing surface: Magnetic sheet (squared); Pen type: New dedicated pen with cap (line width: approx. 0.02 inches (0.5 mm))
  • Product Weight: A4-approx. 8.1 oz (230 g) (including pen and eraser); Material: ABS, PET

The latest generation 2S 13.3 has a GRID layout, which is ideal for people who need to draw, take notes with a grid that is built right into the background. This helps drafting and other tasks. It has an A4 sized screen and the background isn’t grey, its pure white and the text is a very dark black. There is a ton of contrast between the foreground and background, that is not found on any competing brands. The text you draw, ranges from 100 to 300 PPI. You can draw freely, there is no erasing residue, and you can use it repeatedly without running out of ink or ghosting of any kind.

The screen is using new microcapsule technology that is called ‘clean paper technology.’ The screen is full of microcapsules that are filled with iron partials. When you draw on the screen with the pen, the black partials are raised to the surface. The nib of the pen is made of a magnet, this is how they are able to have such a vibrant and responsive drawing experience.

The pen  has totally been redesigned from previous models and it looks sexy. It has a nice grip, which makes it easy to grasp, it only weighs less than 7g. The clearest writing line can be drawn by bringing the magnet of the pen tip into close contact with the writing surface, so that it is perpendicular to the writing surface. It also is similar to the Remarkable Pen, that you can draw on an 90 to 55 degree angle. So the writing experience on the pen feels really natural, like drawing on a piece of paper with a real pencil.

The eraser has been totally redesigned. It is small and bright white. It is primarily used to erase a large area.  It is attached to the top of the Kaite and can be dislodged and you can quickly and cleanly erase the entire surface. The cap of the pen can also be used as more of a nuanced eraser that can erase a single character. When you are done using the eraser and pen, the pen can fit into the eraser, which champs down on the top, and this ensures you can take the Kaite out and about and the eraser and pen will not fall out.

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