HP Smart X360 11 EMR Pen with Eraser
HP Smart X360 11 EMR Pen with Eraser

HP Smart X360 11 EMR Pen with Eraser

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Introducing the HP Smart X360 11 EMR Pen with an eraser. This product is compatible with most WACOM E INK e-notes from brands such as Onyx Boox, 2020 Boyue Likebook models, Remarkable 2, Supernote and the 2nd generation Fujitsu Quaderno A5 and A4.

Give customers a suprior drawing experiencewith the HP x360 11 EMR Pen with Eraser, which supports onscreen writing and touchscreen navigation functions.

Write, draw or tap.

Write or draw onscreen, similar to a pencil on paper, with palm rejection technology that helps prevent accidental inputs. Adjust the pressure and angle of the pen to control the width of draw lines. Or, use then pen to interact with touch applications.

Perfect for small hands

Help ensure comfortable usage with a pen that has a rubber grip and is a compact 130-mm long and 9.5-mm around. It’s easy to carry and hold.

No batteries required

Minimize downtime and eliminate the hassle of maintaining spare batteries with an efficient design that uses EMR technology to power the pen.

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