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GVIDO Digital Music Score - Dual Screen E INK Music Reader

GVIDO Digital Music Score - Dual Screen E INK Music Reader

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GVIDO is equipped with two 13.3-inch flexible electronic paper screens. When open, it becomes A3 size and GVIDO can be handled the same way as paper score. It's 6 mm thick and and weighs approx 660 grams. It has a uniquely designed flat hinge and a carbon fiber housing. GVIDO holds approximelty 4,000 score sheets and feels similar to that of a paper score.

With its own battery management and the low power consumption effect of electronic paper, GVIDO has a long battery life of 3 days (* 2) on just 3 hours charging. You can focus on the performance without worrying about the remaining battery power.

Just like paper, GVIDO's non-glass screen surface suppresses reflected light even under strong lighting or under direct sunlight. The pages do not turn over with the wind like a paper music score, so it is also ideal for using outdoors. (* 3).
Three infrared touch switches are equiped for easy page turning. You can also assign page feed or page return to each touch switch for easy use. You can turn pages and call your set list even when playing a musical instrument with both hands by using an optional GVIDO Foot Switch.

You can write multiple comments on a single score using the included stylus pen. This can be used by a conductor who can save the comments to the GVIDO My Library service and share it with the group (* 4). Even if you are at a remote site, you can share your comments on the score all at once with multiple people.
You can store scores released from various publishers after buying them through the GVIDO store. (* 4) If you have your original scores in PDF format, you will be able to store them on GVIDO, an SD card or GVIDO My Library service. GVIDO can manage a large number of music scores and if you create a set list for each concert, you can play without carrying or leafing through dozens of score books.
You can set the page order of the score depending on the desired application. This allows you to handle times when you need to change the page order according to the performance time and avoid moving back and forth between multiple pages.

As an option that can be selected only when purchasing GVIDO, we offer an extended warranty that protects you against accidental damage handling such as drops, accidental breakage, and liquid spills.

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