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GLIGO E Ink smartwatch

GLIGO E Ink smartwatch

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  • Always-on display: GLIGO use eletronic paper techonolgy to enable the display always on and super energy saving. It is also 360°view angle and clear to see under sun.
  • 28 days battery life: Benifits from its electronic paper display, it allows as long as 28 days normal use with single full charge. Forget about the charger during your vocation.
  • Hybrid design: The GLIGO watch combined Quartz movement with Digital Functions. It has real watch hands but with digital display.
  • Smart functions:Activity track, heart rate, agenda reminder, SNS reminder, alarm.
  • GLIGO service: 30 days return assurance. 1 year warranty.

You want a smartwatch that respects your time. We created GLIGO to do just that.

No crazy/flashy UX and alerts that never stop. We only keep track of the most important things for you throughout the day: check time, meeting reminder, and a little bit of health monitoring and fitness tracking.

While giving you the most comfortable watch-reading experience, GLIGO also has unprecedentedly long battery life. Different from most of the smartwatches on the market that require charges daily, we adopted an energy-efficient dual-core design: the quartz core has a battery life of up to two years, e-ink screen has a battery life of up to 180 days.

GLIGO’s screen is e-ink, and there is no reflection under the sun like traditional liquid crystal displays have. And it only consumes energy when screen color changes (e.g., switching from black to white). After turning off, images on screen remain, hence very energy-efficient

Another advantage of e-ink screen over traditional liquid crystal display is that it is easy to read. E-ink looks like printed text, making it easier for eyes.​

Press the bottom-right button on GLIGO and switch between black and white screens freely. Given your environment, choose mature black or chic white.

The watch has a two-pin design and is equipped with quartz movement. The e-ink screen displays time, date, and notification icons.

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