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Captain Tsubasa full series for eonebook

Captain Tsubasa full series for eonebook

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This product listing is for the complete series of Captain Tsubasa on an SD card for the eonebook dual screen digital manga reader

"Captain Tsubasa" is an immortal monument of soccer manga works serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" from 1981 to 1988. When the soccer boom occurred in Japan during the serialization, it affected many players who would later become professional soccer players. This product contains all 37 volumes of Jump Comics. In addition, the first English version of "Captain Tsubasa" is double-recorded together with the Japanese version (switchable at any time during viewing). The battles in the elementary school, junior high school, and junior youth editions in two languages ​​can be viewed on the ultra-high-definition image quality and double-page spread, which is suitable for the 40th anniversary of the serialization.

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